Have fun with faces.

With over 60 Million installs, our series of apps will make you look amazing, hilarious, super OLD, bearded or even undead. Check them out below or see our whole series on the App Store.

Your face will never be the same.

"You really should #ZOMBIFY yourself." - Apple


"I can't get enough of turning myself into an animated Zombie (Zombify), Werewolf (Wolfify), [or] Vampire (Vampify)" - USA Today


"(Santify)The most impressive of [all] the seasonal Photo Booth apps that are on the App Store."       - The New York Times


"(Oldify, Fatify, Baldify)The perfect way to confront your own morality during the springtime of your life!" - Huffington Post


"Today's celebrities 60 years in the future" - Mashable

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